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Ribbon for Dog Collars: 

At Renaissance Ribbons we love dogs and dogs love our ribbons. We have been designing and supplying dog collar ribbons for over 30 years! that like 210 in dog years :) Check out our collection of links resources to help you pick the best dog collar ribbon for your project and even learn how to make your own dog collar with our preppy ribbon designs for dogs.

Dog Collar Ribbon Tutorials:

We have seen man iterations of beautiful dog collars made by all sorts of pet collar companies and crafty artists that love their pups. If you are interested in making your own dog collar with one of our designer dog collar ribbons why not try one of these simple dog collar tutorials from our sewing friends.

Thinking of making do collars to sell? what a great idea! we have your covered with our huge collecting of wholesale dog collar ribbons we have what you need. 

 Get to it, have some fun using our Ribbons for Dog Collars on a new project!

Sewing A Dog Collar Tutorial Buy: Wholesale Dog Collar Ribbons

Below are some links to the best selection of wholesale ribbons we offer for dog collars. if you didn't already know, we are the number one dog collar ribbon wholesale company in the USA. We ship from our warehouse in California to places all over the world. We love how many different ways our ribbons are used in endless ways
This is the pink dog collar ribbon! a hot seller and its a perfect ribbon for making dog collars and leashes. buy it now!

    Pink Dog Collar Tattoo Ribbon!

    This Dog Collar Tattoo Ribbon is one of our best selling designs, its make such a cute collar and we sell it for wholesale for any interested dog collar manufactures or if you just want to make your own dog collar

    Designer Dog Collar Ribbons

    Dog Collar Design Blogs

    Dog Collar Ribbons For Sale

    Wholesale Dog Collar Hardware & Supplies List

    • Links Coming Soon...
    • Dog Collar Webbing
    • Dog Collar Buckles
    • Dog Collar Ribbons
    • Dog Collar Sewing Tools
    • DIY Dog Collar Tutorial

    How to Make Dog Collars to Sell:

    Webbing, Ribbon, Hardware, a couple of hours, and you can make your very own boutique style dog collar and leash. This is such a fun and easy project, you'll be offering to make them for all your canine friends and you should!

    How to Make Dog Collar to Sell 

    More Resources on Dog Collar Ribbons Coming Soon...

    Dog Collar Ribbons are our biggest market, We sell quality woven dog collars ribbons at wholesale prices that can be used for any pet product or pet apparel, especially Dog leashes and Dog collars. we hope you enjoy our links above, on learning how to make dog collars with ribbons. If you have any DIY Dog Collar Ribbon project your would like us to feature on our Dog Collar Ribbon Blog, shoot us an email and we can post it up, we love sharing all the wonderful places our ribbons are used. If you have a dog collar design that uses one of our wholesale dog collar ribbons let us know so we can feature it on our Dog Collar Design Blog

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