Favor Bags For Weddings & More with Renaissance Ribbons

Feb 16 2014 0 Comments Tags: Archive, Sew4Home, Sewing Project

From Sew4Home:

"Maybe it's time to step back to something basic yet beautiful, starting with today's pretty favor bags in soft linen accented with gorgeous Renaissance Ribbons. Clean and simple, but with a personal touch and a fundamental elegance.

These bags are very easy to make and are actually designed for "assembly line" construction. Simply cut the base fabric into long strips, cut the ribbon into matching lengths, then stitch the ribbon down the center of the entire fabric strip. When the ribbon is secured, sub-cut the strip into sections, seam, and finish.

See the full tutorial on Sew4Home

IMG_4431-rIMG_4466 IMG_4452-r  IMG_4424 IMG_4417

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