From Pat Sloan's blog! A give away of Sue Spargo's Renaissance Ribbons

Feb 16 2014 1 Comment Tags: Archive

Just follow Pat's instructions to get a chance to receive a very nice Prize of Elaine's Schmidt Ribbon books and a selection of Sue Spargo Holiday Ribbon     We are giving away a copy of Elaine's book on Ribbons, which is really amazing. So many ideas you head will explode! EASY ideas.. I like that part. Plus Renaissance Ribbons gave me a prize package of Sue Spargo ribbons.. you know.. to get you started! Click HERE to listen to me interview Elaine on Sept 10, 2012 Visit Elaine online at **** QUESTION **** What is YOUR favorite drink.. Holiday or not? Comment by Nov 27 Don't know how to comment? CLICK HERE AND be sure you comment at the Monday Giveaway CLICK HERE Share on FacebookStumble It!

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  • How can I find Sue Spargo’s Renaissance Ribbons give away on Pat Sloans’s Blog????

    Evalynn Nyman on

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