Dala Horse Ribbon by Cherish Fliedler!

Feb 16 2014 0 Comments Tags: Archive

Here are a few words giving a little background to our new arrival of the Dala Horse Ribbon and first patter by our new designer Cherish Fliedler. "The Dala Horse Ribbon designed by Cherish Flieder was inspired by the Dala Horse as an iconic symbol of Swedish identity and customs. The horse has been considered a holy animal in Sweden since the Viking times. Early horses were carved as children’s toys from the clock case industry scrap wood. Originally, the horses were painted solid colors like red, blue or grey. The Kurbit gourd vine theme flower pattern was added after the 1800’s and comes from the Biblical story of Jonah. Cherish recreated this traditional pattern incorporating the story of its roots using the her “Something to Cherish” embroidered watercolor style. The painting was then beautifully woven in to yards of fine ribbon that will carry on the story of the Dala horse for families all over the world to enjoy. See more about Cherish Fliedler and her art at SomethingToCherish.com. What do you think of a pink Dala Horse version for Spring? Send us your comments!

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